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Posted by on May 24, 2016 in News, Orgasms, Positions, Services, Toys | 0 comments

Professional Escorts: The Answer To A Lonely Mans Breakup

Professional Escorts: The Answer To A Lonely Mans Breakup

Meet Travis. When Travis’ wife left him a few months back it spiraled Travis into a deep depression. Travis missed taking his wife out. Travis missed holding, petting, and cuddling her. More than anything though, Travis missed fucking her. In the last days they had been simply lovers more than anything and now with her gone it had been awhile since Travis had gotten his dick deep in anything good. Sure Travis had his hand, his pocket pussy, and internet porn. He’d even been out to bars a few times and had no problem getting women when he needed, but the small talk bored him, he found it too much work, and it only deepened his depression trying to pick up women that may not even want to fuck anyway.

The bars weren’t the place that Travis was looking for and even though he’d had luck a few times, he was growing tired of talking to people he wasn’t interested in just to get laid. His hand, his pocket pussy, and porn were getting old every time Travis was forced to resort to those options. Travis was feeling lost in the world, like he would never be able to satisfy the urges his wife had left him with. That is until late one night, while surfing the web, tired of internet porn, Travis stumbled upon the incredible world of escorts.

Travis, at the end of his rope, thought he may as well give an escort a try, perhaps they could get him out of his sexual funk. The first night with an escort Travis let loose of every ounce of sexual energy that had been pent up for the last few months, acting out every one of his desires and fetishes with the fun, attractive, sexy young woman, finally feeling like he’d found what he’d been searching for. Travis now invests in escorts a few nights a week, with options ranging in all different shapes and sizes, from petite to BBW, allowing him to indulge in whatever kind of body type he’s craving that evening.

Travis still misses his wife and the bond they shared, but now he has a number he can call whenever he needs to have some sexual release. There’s no small talk necessary, no wasted dinners on someone who is just looking for a meal. There’s just awesome, mind-blowing sex on call.

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